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Tom Ryan


2018 Panelist

National Basketball Association

Associate VP, Basketball Strategy

2018 Bio:

Tom Ryan is a Director in the Basketball Strategy group at the National Basketball Association (NBA). His role at the League Office is to manage basketball-related innovation and technology projects that seek to improve the core product (e.g., player health, on-court technology, new competitions, international player development). After seeing the impact that basketball had on his life, he decided to use his background in business and technology to continue improving the game for athletes across the world.

Previously at the NBA, Tom worked in the Global Strategy department, which manages the development and execution of growth initiatives involving 10+ business units and global regions across 200+ countries.

Before joining the NBA, Tom worked in management consulting, investment management, and as the founder of a technology start-up.

Tom, a native of Easton, PA, received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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