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Rob Perez


2021 Panelist

Underdog Fantasy

Host / Producer

UNC Class of:


2021 Bio:

Rob Perez graduated with a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication at the conclusion of the Spring semester in 2009, with a certificate in Sports Communication.

From childhood through present day, Perez (known to many of his fans as WorldWideWob) has possessed a fervorous passion for the NBA and parlayed his passion into full-time employment covering the league. After working as an Account Executive for the New Orleans Hornets straight out-of-college, Perez went on to be a founder and exit two separate online sports ticketing companies including Crowd Seats.

Now: Perez's portfolio of content partners, past and/or present, includes ESPN, FOX Sports, Turner, Wasserman's Cycle Media, SNY, The Action Network, Twitter, Twitch, and FanDuel -- including a variety of content creation through linear broadcasting, radio, production, digital, and writing. He is also a hopeless Knicks fan, being saved many times by the success of his beloved Tar Heels.

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